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The Love Project Journey is a documentary music film, created and produced by Yael. Directed & edited by Alain Vasquez and Yael. This project was a labor of love amongst the closest of friends. Kindered spirits coming together to record, film and share organic moments in time with an undeniable cast of music makers. The DrumAddict at the center of each collaboration. Working with various artists from around the globe, living legends, and handpicking the right musicians for her project.

Sold out The Grammy Museum's Clive Davis theater Premier. Officially selected into 5 film festivals, including SXSW, Los Angeles New FilmMakers Fest, an official press event at Cannes, and receiving International Laurels, We bring you the full package (CD & DVD) here. The Making of an album made into a film, and an Ep that comes with each film including 5 tracks. We hope you enjoy watching and listening half as much as we did creating and capturing this as independent artists.It's a tough time for dreamers... All support means the world to us. Let's keep on inspiring each other.

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