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Recording and touring drummer Yael started playing drums in New York City as a teenager while delivering pizzas in High School. By her senior year, Yael joined Meanstreak and 4 days into the band, played to a sold out 2,000 capacity L'amour Brooklyn crowd with Anthrax. It was there that Ya'el started to develop live performance crowd connections along with heavier double kick chops as the band toured with Motörhead, Iron Maiden, King Diamond, Overkill etc. Yael accumulated major companies endorsing her and broke the typical "girl drummer" mold. Expectations and Boundaries broken at a very early age. During Lollapalooza '93, she performed with members of Arrested Development, Alice in Chains, and Fishbone, which took Yael into a funkier direction musically. Messing around with the "recording tools" and microphones, Yael decided to get her degree in Audio Engineering after interning at Avatar in High School.

With the introduction to the musicianship she experienced at Lalapalooza, she had the pleasure of working with Fishbone and mentor "Fish". Yael began fusing rock and world music and experimenting with hip hop artists. During this phase of her musical journey, Yael played with the band 1stborn7 where "Pocket" & "Groove" became super important and "utilizing 1 kick drum instead of 2 for a while was a new trip". "These guys taught me Flavor."

1stborn7 recorded at the famous Powerstation/Avatar Studio in NYC, and the song “One Love” was released on the Italian film "Amorrato". Yael toured Morocco Spain Abiza and USA and on that record, Pino Paladino was the first session player experience she got to work alongside Steve Boyer who produced one of her faves, Peter Gabriel, and soundtrack for Silence of the Lambs. She tracked drums in the Freight elevator the way Sledgehammer was recorded between floors!

Between NYC & LA, The melange of genres had begun. Buddha Bar vibes, 70's Rock sprinkled with Latin and Middle Eastern touches, Digital influences, Poets and Underground DJ's. Improvising at the New Yeurican Poets Cafe, Nells and The Gaslight, along with "after hours" sessions nightly with kindered spirit life-long friend, songwriting partner, producer, Nik Chinboukas at the Jamaica Music Building, the two recorded everything & anything. No Restrictions. The hours were ridiculous so you had to love it.

Things continue to move in cycles for Yael's drumming career and the love for making music and capturing it all on film started to cross over bringing her back to both sides of the glass. Recording and Engineering. Filming and Producing. 4 years of Final Cut took Yael "off the road" for a minute.

She was devoted diligently to making her Documentary DVD with DW and her first personal CD showcasing her own stories and undeniable musicians that she has developed friendships with since childhood. Staying close with Nik over the years and continuing musical projects, the two became three with a West Coast music partner in crime, Yury Anisonyan. A kick ass Songwriter, Producer/Engineer. THE LOVE PROJECT JOURNEY (DW DVD/EP world release-June 2010) songs were Written, Filmed and Recorded and completed 2005-2010. The Law of Attraction manifested some legendary "top notchers" such as Terry Bozzio, Alex Skolnick, Sasha Lazard, Dave Eggar and Lucia Micarelli (HBO's Treme) to the project. The LOVE PROJECT JOURNEY has been officially selected into 5 film festivals worldwide and the documentary Yael Directed (with Alain Vasquez), Produced and Created premiered at The Grammy Museum to a SoLD Out crowd with a live finale to prove it all possible. You do not have to be in one band or one studio to make a record and to create music with people you admire. Make it Count.

Staying close with Nik over the years and continuing musical projects and hiring each other the two became three with a West Coast music partner in crime, Yury Anisonyan. Yury became a close friend who also happens to be a kick ass songwriter, Producer/Engineer. He automatically clicked.

East/West Coast Drumming
(1993-97) * Drums Live and Recording with "Drain NYC", which later became "Tung" signed to Rock Records

* Drums and Programming with Swo-Co, tripped out vibe music recordings at Jamaica Music Building with Nik Chinboukas (Gtr,Sequencers,Vox) Philippe Casseus (Vox) Yael ("Inspector Gadget" Drums&Percussion) NYC

* Drums Live and Recording for My Ruin and 3 records and toured USA UK IRE Scotland

* Drums, Programming, Filming, Editing, Producing on Solo Debut turned Documentary, "The Love Project" featuring Alex Skolnick, Terry Bozzio, Roy Mayorga,Lucia Micarelli, Dave Eggar, Sasha Lazard, Toni Ridley, Jay Sustain

* Live drummer for Res on Miller Concert Series tour with Talib Kweli and Jean Grae plus Res solo one-offs East to West

* Live drummer for Fireball Ministry tour (subbing gig) Bam Margera's triple threat tour.

* Drums Live and Recording on the Creins featuring Colin Wolfe (Grammy Winner Dr.Dre, Madonna, Soul Food)

* Recorded Drums for Chris Caffery (TSO Savatage) solo debut "Pins and Needles"

* Pre-Pro Drums with Outernational (Brooklyn/LA) working in studio with Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine, the Nightwatchman, Producer)
* Recording at DrumChannel with Terry Bozzio on her solo project (The Love Project)
* First Guest Drummer on Terry Bozzio's "Art of Drumming" show on DrumChannel Live
* Guest Drummer with Ray Luzier and Kurt Bisquera on DrumChannel

* Recorded Drums for George Lynch (Dokken) debut "Let the Truth be known"
* November Cover & Feature "The Black Page" Drum Magazine

* Produced songs Recorded and Performed live Drums with Pendulum Arts Dance theater and is booked for 2012/2013
* Producer and Film Scoring collaboration for documentary film J4P (Justice for Peltier)
* December 2010 Cover Mention and Feature in DrumHead Magazine

* Drums Live and Recording with "Crush the Night" featuring Jessy Greene (Foo Fighters,Pink) Kii Arens (Flipp) Yariv Vaknin (love project, the matrix) Rami Jaffe (Foo Fighters, Wallflowers)
* Drums Live and Recording with Divinity Roxx (Beyonce MD/Bassist) solo project with Omar Gusmao and Matt McMoots (Musikmesse Warwick Party Headliner)
* Live Drummer for David Maldonado's "Noche de Pasion" Concert - (USA) August 2011
* Clinician Drummer at J.A.M. Interactive - Ford Ampitheater Los Angeles July 2011
* Drumcamp and Podcast Drum Clinics with Mike Johnston in the works for summer 2011

Yael is the type of drummer that likes to play "music for musics sake" with music lovers of all styles. Road Ready and touring once again only this time with the First Drummer's DVD, Documentary ever to be selected and screened at film festivals under her belt (Grammy Museum, Clive Davis Theater LA, NewFilmMakers FilmFest at Sunset/Gower theater in Los Angeles 2010, Buffalo and Atlantic City International FilmFests at Hotel Casino, and Austin's SXSW 2010. Now also officially televised in Wisconsin, Milwaukee to Chicago (April'11). She also started her own company and is working on developing new artists "the love project way" and continuing to film and record daily.

DrumAddict LLC is her latest endeavor and company based in Los Angeles. This DVD and CD is like nothing out in the industry today and hard to put into words, but Yael played drums, worked cameras, edited and recorded non-stop to bring you one of the most innovative products to the drum world, the music world and beyond.

She proudly endorses DW Drums & Hardware, Sabian cymbals, Remo Drumheads, Vic Firth Drumsticks, LP, and Factory Metal Percussion, Westone in-ears.